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The Story

A sad and lonely young boy drinks an experimental chemical in his father’s closet which gives him the confidence to pursue the girl of his dreams.

Production Info

This production was filmed at Hansen Park in Pacoima, California in 2008. It stars the super talented If you are interested in a screening please contact us.

Cast & Crew

Starring Elan Garfias, Madison Victoria Kovach, Sophie Reichl, Bre Mueck, Johnny Wunder, Jon Amirkhan, Leslie Carney and Brad M. Bucklin.
Directed by Kristian Gabriel
Written by Kristian Gabriel
Produced by Kevin Church, Kristian Gabriel, David Billingsley
Production Sound by Kunal Rajan
Filming Locations: Hansen Dam Park (Pacoima, California), Burbank, California

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Facts Behind The Film

  • Elan Garfias, Sophie Reichl and Madison Victoria were all 8 years old at the time of shooting.
  • The director gave all the kids bags of pixie sticks and had trouble controlling them in the first rehearsal.
  • Jon Amirkhan is a professional stage actor as well.
  • Sophie Reichl went on to start a popular kids band called Breaking 27–a group that wrote music featuring anti-bullying themes.