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The Story

A documentary feature on the phenom known as Hoodslam–an underground professional wrestling event that began in Oakland, California and is now drawing hundreds of thousands of fans around the world. The film highlights the event’s ‘backyard’ beginnings and follows its creators to the extreme edge of pro wrestling. Let the screams and cries, the body blows and the blood fly.

Production Info

This production was filmed in Oakland and Sacramento, California across three years of insane production to capture the footage for this unique film. If you are interested in a screening please contact us.

Cast & Crew

Starring Brett Cavanaugh, Brittany Chenault, Taylor Correa, Ryan Cowler, Virgil Flynn, Kevin Gill, Shane Hanson, Michael Hayashi, Kevin Johnson, Sam Khandaghabadi, A.J. Kirsch, Jesus Kruze, Matthew Laplaca, Emily LeFevre, John Martin, Derek Mehl, Dustin Mehl, Lance Peacor, Toby Reynolds, Anthony Rivera, Nick Robinson, Drake Smith, Jarriod Sudderberg, Mike Weber
Produced by Dan Nelson
Director of Photography Kristian Gabriel
Edited by Kaz Matsugu, Dan Nelson
Sound Editor Justin Fraker
Camera Operators Brendan Brooks, Maxime Auger, Alvaro Del Saz Fersing, Ben Chu, Gerry Davenport, Drake Nelson

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Facts Behind The Film

  • Bobbie Prewitt auditioned for the part at the age of 6.
  • The film took only two days to shoot.
  • Photos were taken on set but many had an eerie white missed in them.
  • The film was nominated for 6 awards and won 2.