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The Story

An only child who lives in her own head with no friends brings her wisdom to a confused world.

Production Info

This production was filmed in North Hollywood. If you are interested in a screening please contact us.

Cast & Crew

Starring Alexis G. Zall
Directed by Kristian Gabriel
Written by Kristian Gabriel (with brilliant improve of Alexis)
Produced by Kristian Gabriel

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2013 Kristian Gabriel Films. All Rights Reserved.

Facts Behind The Film

  • Alexis was age 13 going on 14 in this production.
  • While Alexis was active in acting and improv–she had under 100 people who subscribed to her YouTube Channel at the time.
  • Director Kristian Gabriel new in casting that Alexis would one day rule the world.

2013 Kristian Gabriel Films. All Rights Reserved. All Rights Reserved.