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The Story

An overweight mammas boy, with the help of his misguided best friend, meets the girl of his dreams and sets out, with over 35 years of inexperience, to gain her affections. Meet Rolly Winter a loser with real potential.

Production Info

This production was filmed at the end of 2006 in Pacoima, Culver City and Burbank, California. The amazing cast and crew was actually quite large for indie film but persevered despite some of the rougher conditions. If you are interested in a screening please contact us.

Current Status Of Winter and Spring

We are currently pushing out content for Winter and Spring–so you should see a lot more promotional videos, photos and other content here over the next few months of 2016.

Cast & Crew

Starring Avi K. Garg, Violeta Meyners, Jon Amirkhan, Julia Getman, Mary Coleston, Kennedy Danko, Ali Fussell, Sandra Lyn, Diane Hamilton, Christine Tarbet, Robert Maratea, Daniel Welch, Dan Nelson
Additional Cast Randall Anthony, Robert Beckler, Alice Church, Bailey Church, Vanessa A. Davis, Cyrina Fiallo, Chrissy Gebert, Christopher Lee Getman
Directed by Kristian Gabriel
Written by Kristian Gabriel
Produced by Kristian Gabriel, Kevin Church, David Billingsley
Assistant Director Jeanette Dubois
Makeup by Teddie Bergman
Production Sound by William H. Carson, Eric I. Bucklin
Music by Gnomusy

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Facts Behind The Film

  • The first film location was the Burbank Library in Burbank, California.
  • Mary Coleston (Madame Adriana) and Jon Amirkhan (Diamond Reeves) also appeared in the film Apartment 12 along side of Mark Ruffalo.
  • Kennedy Rae Danko was age 9 during production.
  • Production began October 2006 and shot through the beginning of December 2006.

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