One of the great perks of my profession is meeting amazing people in the entertainment industry and beyond. I recently have been lecturing and training at the American Film Institute and had the pleasure of working with some great up and coming editors who are destined for great things. Through this most recent venture, I have been thinking a lot about when I first started working in entertainment and what I was required to know back then.

Post-Production in Hollywood is changing as Assistant Editors, Editors and other key occupations now require you to know more. How much more? In my experience, in the areas of features and broadcast, many AE’s are now required to go beyond Avid, Premiere and Resolve and have some knowledge of motion graphic design and even a level of compositing and visual effects know-how. While this may offend those who have been in the industry a while, this is the world we live in and it’s only going continue to change as tighter deadlines, technology and workflows evolve.

It wasn’t long ago that to survive in Post-Production, Avid Media Composer was the only game in town. All your talents would focus on this one application….end of story. Fast forward to today, and you have competitors like Adobe Premiere and Blackmagic Resolve enter the race with compelling offerings. Don’t get me wrong, I realize Avid Media Composer still dominates all levels of features and broadcast, but change is happening. In addition, Adobe Photoshop, Media Encoder and After Effects (which have always been lurking in post houses) are becoming essential tools for fixing, tweaking and transcoding footage and more.

As new generations enter the industry, they are all making the multi-tasking super-warrior era the norm. I am one of those crazy multitaskers and have been one since the beginning of my career. And this was before it was popular! I was frequently told by my superiors to specialize or focus on one thing. I’m so glad I didn’t listen. As a result, I’ve never been out of work (even as an independent contractor) and my skills are constantly in demand everywhere.

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